Rock tray

A large rock was cut into thin slab and then beaten with a hammer to form a shape. The handmade Rock trays are all different in size and shape which shows a natural look.

커다란 바위를 얇게 자른 뒤, 망치로 두들겨 깨서 모양을 만든 핸드메이드 바위트레이는 크기와 형태가 모두 다르며 자연스런 멋을 보여줍니다.

Stone has the property of keeping temperature. So If you put the tray in refrigerator and use it, the cold lasts a long time, so it can be used as a sashimi plate or cold food plate.
Rock tray is also good for bread, cheese, fruit, and dessert plates.
Making process