Sky, land, and water / paper reliefs

This work arrived through experiment with different textures, and with the creating of sculptural, three-dimensional objects. They were made only with Dak - mulberry fibre - the material of Hanji - without any use of other materials.

Raw has the meaning of earthen, natural, primitive life. This reflects my attitude toward Hanji. I tried to explore the mulberry fiber as a raw material, with its essence in Korean culture. I have tried to interpret it in my own way, to develop new textures and perhaps a new aesthetic sensibility.

Raw는 땅, 자연, 원시생활 등의 의미를 포함하고 있다. 이는 한지를 대하는 나의 태도를 반영한다. 한국 문화의 정수이자 날것의 닥(닥나무 섬유)을 탐구하고, 나의 방식으로 해석하며, 새로운 질감과 미감을 보여주고자 하였다.