Biodegradable Oak Leaf Plates

Natural materials, Natural designs, Natural products
The Oak Leaf Plate, beautiful, practical, biodegradable.

The concept behind the Oak Leaf Plate is that leaves go through a cycle. They grow then they fall back to nature. This idea helps us to think naturally, and understand biodegradability better.

KHJ STUDIO wants to create products which make our lives more convenient, beautiful and rich, but which go back to nature after we have finished with them.

자연에서 온 소재, 자연을 닮은 디자인, 자연으로 돌아가는 접시
낙엽이 떨어져 자연으로 돌아가는 것을 컨셉으로 한 오크잎 생분해접시는 제품디자인을 통해 자연을 느낄 수 있도록 한다.

반죽 상태의 펄프를 고압 가공함으로써 표면의 밀도를 높여 일반적인 종이컵 수준의 방수 기능을 갖는다.  초고온으로 가공하여 열에 약한 생분해 제품과는 다르게 전자레인지에서도 변형없이 사용 가능하다. 또한, 내유 기능이 있어 기름기 있는 음식을 담아도 접시에 기름이 흡수되지 않는다.

Oak Leaf Plates deliver a vision of nature to all your events: catering, wine-tastings, parties, banquets, corporate gatherings, PR activities, and parties at home.
Making process
The pulp is processed at high pressure to increase the density of its surface, making it as waterproof as any ordinary paper cup with a plastic coating.
The Oak Leaf Plate suits the shape of our hand. It is easy to hold, and it looks beautiful!
It isn't only good for serving food, but also for putting small items.
Short biodegrade time
Design process